Starting 'em young...

One of the newest little "Bulbheads," Dylan, may not fit on the Stryker quite yet, but he can still show his STAR brand pride!  

Dylan is 6 months old and son of Kaley Thornburg in our Indy office. 


Your Mission...

...should you choose to accept it...

1. Head to your local Yamaha dealer.
2. Buy something -- a STAR Motorcycle perhaps? Or how about some Yamaha Accessories?
3. Check out all of the AMAZING point of purchase materials, freshly designed by your favorite Fain & Tripp "bulbheads" and proudly displayed throughout the dealership.
4. Marvel at how eye-catching and bada** they look...feel the overwhelming urges to customize a STAR or find out more about GYTR products. :)

Mission complete. 

What Makes Us Smile

We've all heard it before. "'Tis better to give than receive." When you really sit down and think about it, isn't that the truth? 

Several years ago, we were honored to assist in the launching of the Trust Your Journey brand.  The brand, developed by a breast cancer survivor and widowed mother, is all about providing hope, support and a positive message to anyone going through life's ups and downs.  Our entire staff at Fain & Tripp played a role in working with TYJ and it is near and dear to our hearts. 

There is something so wonderful about genuinely kind people who are out there not to make a quick buck, but who really do care and want to do good. 

Our team is gearing up to help with new logo development for a non-profit foundation. Creating an iconic image that will assist in the growth of such a worth cause really energizes us and makes us smile.

Check back for the finished product! In the meantime, we encourage you to think about supporting a cause. Give the people who work so hard a pat on the back and offer a hand. 


Say it Ain't So...

You know how you feel when the last guest of your party leaves? It's either a.) whew, thank GOD they're gone or b.) is it really over? when can they come back?  We just wrapped up another great visit from one of our favorite Yamaha Regional Marketing Managers and frankly, it's always hard to say goodbye. 

We spent several days brainstorming innovative new ideas for his region along with some strategic spring and 2011 marketing plans. Don't you love when you love the people you work with?  Come back soon!


Cool Ad

New Intel ad. Pretty cool and relevant. What say ye?