Leaving on a Jet Plane...

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."

Peter, Paul and Mary might not have known when they'd be back. But we do. We'll be in the Bahamas until next Tuesday evening.
No, not sun worship. We'll be in the isles helping Yamaha WaterCraft unveil their new 2010 WaveRunners and boats to their dealers. We've been working for the past several months helping our water-happy friends polish their dog-and-pony presentation. Fun project. Keep your eyes on the blogs and tweets early next week -- the tuning fork gang has some cool new boats and WaveRunners headed to showrooms soon. We're sure the blogosphere (does anyone still use that word?) will be all a-buzz.
We've also put together a package of in-store materials for WaterCraft's compadres over in Yamaha's Accessory Group. Wakeboards. Stereos. PFDs. All kinds of cool new Yamaha-branded gear for all the good girls and boys with WaveRunners and Yamaha jet-powered boats. (By the way, "PFD" is hipster-speak for "personal floatation device", or "life-vest" for our senior readers. Now you know.)
We'll also be issuing a teaser to our boat dealer friends regarding our new social media packages. Facebook. Twitter. E-blasts. All the stuff the cool kids are talking about. Like just about every other business owner today, our dealership friends are confused about how to start the conversation with their customers. As we've been doing with their traditional media for years, we'll help them take the guesswork out of the whole intimidating mash of it all. 
We're rolling that program out in early September. Stay tuned.
We had brief scare from Hurricane Bill earlier in the week. But we gathered up the staff in the Atlanta office and went outside. We all faced toward the southwest and blew really hard, all at the same time. Seems to have worked. Bill turned and headed away from our funky friends in the  island nation. It'll still be rainy this weekend. But who cares? We'll be in the Bahamas, right? And 35-foot wave swells? Surf's up! Guess we'll have to dust off the office's old late-80's model OP swallow-tail single fin surfboard and hit the waves. Or maybe not.
Hopefully, we'll have some great photos to send back. Check back next week!