Learn to Ride!

Our friends at Yamaha have the right idea. How do you sell more motorcycles during a recession? Create more riders!

Fain & Tripp is working with our Tuning Fork buds (yep, that's what that funky Yamaha logo is -- three crossed tuning forks -- now you know)
to promote some new "Learn to Ride" programs in a couple of markets around the U.S.

Yamaha's Learn to Ride program has recently been launched in several parts of the country. The concept is simple. Anyone with a desire to ride a motorcycle can make a reservation at one of the multiple group classes. Students will learn basic skills on Yamaha bikes, like TT-R dirt bikes or FZ6 street bikes. And the program's not just for beginners. Anyone with a desire to improve their skills is welcome. Riders get first class training with experienced instructors on the perfect course for a great riding experience.

The best part? It's FREE!

Basically, the program is a twist on those wonderful free samples at your grocery store on Saturdays. Taste the fun and excitement of an off-road or sport motorcycle -- and you're hooked!

Folks who haven't had the opportunity to be exposed to the world of motorsports are initiated on the Yamaha brand, increasing the likelihood of lifetime brand loyalty.

Learn to Ride clinics are the ideal avenue for solid growth within the motorsports industry. A fresh-spankin'-new rider means a whole slew (yes, we said "slew") of safety equipment, accessories and more moolah for our dealer friends than would be generated by long-time riders who merely need the occasional new helmet or oil change.

Interested in finding a Learn to Ride program in your area? Yamaha has recently launched regional websites in many U.S. markets that give the 411 on events like this plus other fun stuff -- like dealership open houses, group rides and motorsports events -- to help keep Yamaha engaged with their customers. Contact your local dealer for more info about the Learn to Ride program and regional web sites.

Yeah, that's kind of an explicit sales pitch for Learn to Ride. But we think it's a great program. And any new rider who has half as much fun as we do when we hit the trails is going to be totally hooked. It's good for the industry, good for Yamaha, good for dealers, and -- most of all -- good for new riders. Everybody wins!

See you on the trails!