It ain't a party 'til the bottles show up!

The amaretto is here! The amaretto is here!

You know a FAT Holiday Party is right around the corner when the homemade amaretto shows up. This year's bottles made their appearance this morning -- just in time for tomorrow's throwdown.

Based on Mother Fain's top-secret family recipe, these bottles have been a FAT Holiday tradition since the very beginning of the shop.

Every year, the label is based on the theme of our FAT Holiday Party. This year's theme is "It's a Holiday Recession Party, Charlie Brown!" The office has been decorated from top to bottom with various "Peanuts" paraphernalia, including our custom-designed bottles of Joe Cool's Groovy Grog.

Look for a post-party update soon. When? Well, that depends on how strong Mother Fain mixed the recipe this year. If we can pick ourselves up off the floor, we'll get right on it. Promise.