My Yamaha Theory by Kaley Thornburg

In my five years at Fain and Tripp, I have developed a theory surrounding the employees of Yamaha Motor Corporation and their human resources department - there must be a box you have to check on your application that identifies you as a genuinely nice person.  Seriously, are you nice or not?  If you're not, you're not Yamaha material and you shouldn't waste your time.

I have attended many Yamaha corporate and dealer events over the years.  From the motorsports division to watercraft and accessories, every person reflects Yamaha's main selling feature- a reputation for quality.  This past weekend, my husband, baby boy, and I attended a dealer Supercross kick-off event here in Indianapolis.  The dealership was decked out in "Yama-love" with banners, bikes, sport ATV's, a DJ, food and true Yamaha spirit.  My husband stood in the background a few minutes while I spoke to some of my client contacts.  He was approached by a Yamaha sales rep from the accessories division, John, who quickly welcomed him and began chatting.  I joined the conversation a few minutes later and discovered that John and I knew many of the same Yamaha folks around the country.  It quickly became apparent to me that John had checked his "nice" box on his Yamaha application and had also filled in the "family-man" and "passionate about Yamaha" box that so many of our Yamaha friends also do.

As we got ready to leave, we made sure we made a stop by James Stewart's bike for a photo op, which John quickly volunteered to take- and then handed my little boy a baby STAR t-shirt.  (He was already wearing his Yamaha onesie in baby blue, courtesy of more nice Yamaha people in Texas,  but we decided we needed to toughen him up with a more edgy STAR black shirt to go with his edgy bright red hair.)

We said our goodbyes, exited the dealer and my husband and I both looked at each other, smiled and said- that was really fun and how great are the Yamaha people!?  A big kudos to Yamaha for superior people that stand behind their company and put their best out there every day.

Yes, Yamaha is our client. Yes, of course we love them from a business perspective - but we also really just love them, too.  Go to your nearest dealer and test out my theory.  Oh, and buy a Yamaha while you're there, too.