Tweet This!

Don't worry about overuse of your vocal cords from here on out- you can give those puppies a break! Why would you need to need to pick up the phone or actually speak to someone in person when you can text, tweet, Facebook or instant message them instead?  Seriously, talking is sooo last millennium. HA!

Anyone else notice couples & friends communicating primarily via Facebook?  "Honey, where would you like to go out tonight?" the wife writes on her husband's Facebook wall. "Mexican, definitely," he responds.  It seems insane that people communicate with others in the same household in this manner, doesn't it?  Don't you just want to write back to them, "Why don't you turn your head and ask him? He's sitting right next to you!"

Oh well, let's face it, E-Communication (specifically Facebook & Twitter) has become a true part of people's daily lives.  It's the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing before bed. We access status updates as we drive, work- even go to the bathroom (hey, no shame here)- we are constantly connected.

If you're a company without a presence on Facebook, you are missing the boat. Marketers can access their customers virtually 24/7.  Have a last minute sale or event? Throw it up on Facebook, your fans want to know! (No printing or production costs, by the way.)  Fain & Tripp handles Facebook and Twitter accounts for several of our clients and has been extremely successful in growing their fan bases and can credit Facebook connections with an increase in sales. In just four months, our team increased a powersport dealer's fan base by 400%, increased their service department traffic and had several big ticket unit sales thanks to Facebook mentions!  We think it's important that all marketers on Facebook realize this is not an opportunity to hit people over the head with every sale, discount or product you have- but rather treat the "fan-ship" as a friendship. Focus on valuable interaction like relevant tips on things going on in the community and special Facebook only offers. Treat your fans like they are VIP's because really that is what they are to you.  You are lucky to have them at your fingertips, so make the relationship worth both of your whiles.