Yamaha WaterCraft 2011 Photo Shoot

We spent some time this week this week with our Yama-friends in a top-secret location help to shoot the latest top-secret boats and WaveRunners. Wanna see 'em before they hit the dealers' showrooms? Patience, grasshoppah. Good things come to those who wait. The official product reveal will be in a few weeks. No peeking until then!

Russ discovered that he possessed a new talent... ballast! When the photographer is out on the photo boat's wing shooting product, someone must be on the opposite wing to balance out the weight. The job description's pretty simple. Just stand there and get wet. Not a bad job description when the heat index is over 100 degrees.

Debbie found a new talent, too. Cooler lid holder-downer. Kinda like ballast except you don't get wet and you get to sit. And you get to hand off cold drinks and beef jerky to grateful crew.

If you need award-winning creative, or ballast and cooler holder-downers, now you know who to call!

Happy cooler lid holder-downer

View from the top (notice cooler lid holder-downer doing her job!)
What are you looking at?
Ballast feeding time. Mmmm... meat sticks!

Ballast-eye view

You think the BP oil well in the Gulf had one of these stickers?

A decal you WON'T find on Yamaha WaveRunners and boats with internal propulsion systems!
Damned paparazzi!