It's the most wonderful, errr...GINORMOUS time of the year!  All of your favorite little elves here have been busy, busy, busy in our workshop. Between assisting countless motorsport dealers nationwide with placing media advertising and direct mail for Yamaha's GINORMOUS Sales Event, creating the ENTIRE identity line-up (on catalogs, on web sites, on POP!) for Yamaha Watercraft and Accessories AND helping out our friends at the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Trust Your Journey on some exciting top secret projects- things are feeling quite GINORMOUS! We love the hustle and bustle here in our lightbulb cave, it keeps us on our little elf toes. 'Tis a shame we've yet to have a chance to play a round on our purple pool table since moving, but perhaps we'll get a little break after the big guy delivers his goodies to all of the good little boys and girls.

Sending greetings and wishes to all of our family and friends for a safe, happy and GINORMOUS holiday season. (Sorry, that G-word is kinda stuck in our heads right now.)  :)